Our Consultants

Our collaboration with experienced athletes and coaches complements and fortifies our cycling knowledge for our products. Their input and feedback are essential for developing and keep improving of our tech suite.



Triathlon Coach – Consultant

Dimos is an experienced athlete and coach on triathlon. He has participated in many triathlon races including Full and Half Ironman with many accomplishments. He now coaches successfully many athletes in triathlon and cycling. He has been consulting us on what features of the app would be useful for an athlete and a coach


Sport Scientist – Associate Consultant

Demetra has evaluated Smart Cyclo and she is helping us how to develop Smart Cyclo to be a very useful tool for any cyclist no matter their experience and level. Demetra holds a Cycling Coach diploma from the Cyprus Cycling Federation since 2001 and from the International Cycling Union – UCI, the “certified Cycling coach Level II” certificate, since 2017. She has over 18 years of coaching experience as a Cycling coach for kids and adults.

Smart Cyclo Athletes


Triathlete – alpha tester

K1 triathlon middle distance 2022 – 3rd overall
Olympus Man 2022 – 2nd age group
K1 triathlon sprint 2022 distance – 1st overall
Ocean lava Paphos 2020 sprint – 1st overall


Triathlete – Alpha tester

Cycling For All Age Group – 1st place
Ocean Lava Olympic Age Group – 5th place
Olympus Man 2021 – 6th place Ironman Virtual Race 2021 Age Group –  4th place
Half Ironman Warsaw 2021 – Finisher


Cyclist, Triathlete – Alpha tester

Sprint Triathlon Podiums:

Limassol 2016 Age Group – 2nd place
Larnaka 2018 Age group – 3rd place
Paphos 2018 Age Group – 3rd place
Paphos 2019 Age Group – 3rd place

Ayia Napa Middle Distance 2018 and 2019
Finisher in many other Cycling, Olympic and Sprint Triathlon races finisher


Triathlete – Alpha tester

Ayia Napa Middle Distance 2018 – Finisher
Half Ironman Lahti, Finland 2021 – Finisher
Many Olympic Triathlon and Sprint races in the top 10 positions

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Cycling and Triathlon Coaches

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