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Track and analyse your aerodynamic position real-time.

This advanced wearable technology attaches to a strap on your back and uses advanced algorithms and data analysis to provide real-time feedback on your cycling performance, including your back inclination, cadence, power output, and more. 

Access your overall cycling position analytics.

Track your position during the  ride and analyse your position statistics, such as the percentage they spent in each position, average watts on different positions, etc.

Deep understanding of your cycling positions.

Correlating the body position on the bike with the corresponding speed, watts, and heart rate can be the basis for planning your training.

Our innovative products are part of an ecosystem that monitors, corrects, and analyses real-time the cyclist’s position during a ride. 

The ecosystem consists of the position sensor that tracks the position, the mobile app that handles the data from the sensor and provides real-time feedback, and the online platform where a plethora of tools are available for a deeper understanding of the relation between body position and performance.


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